Wednesday, April 01, 2009

How Berkeleyans Think

I realized today that many Berkeley students think the same, in that we're very anal retentive. Thoughts of, "how much of our grade will it be?" "when is it due?" "what's the average, SD, etc.??" I also like how the professors at Berkeley know how we think, and answer our questions before we can ask them. For example...

Scenario 1:
I got a bSpace announcement about an optional assignment. The fact that it was optional was repeated twice at the start and at the end of the assignment. Each disclaimer was 3 lines long, in CAPS.

Scenario 2:
I got a midterm back today with a 68 plopped on it.


The GSI announced that the average was 78, generally pretty low for an average.


Although she had no idea what the SD was... geez, I was having a heart attack about scoring 10 points below the mean. 

Then I found out you're supposed to add your short answer points to the score. Putting me at 7 points above the average. *phew*

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