Monday, April 20, 2009

Creative Projects... Oh How I Miss Thee

I just finished up editing a Vietnamese video project. From this, I realized that 1.) iMovie 2009 is fun, 2.) it's rewarding in the end, and 3.) I miss creative projects like this.

Somehow this leads to me feeling excited about taking on creative projects after I graduate. I can't wait to work with personal visual projects, from more vector art to Flash Macromedia. I can't wait to pick up my pencil-deprived drawing pad for a flip. I can't wait to take on amateur photography at scenic spots. I can't wait to read for FUN (I got a list of books going already).

Although I've been stressing out about not securing a job by now, I know it will come and I will be okay. So for the mean time, I'm trying to appreciate what is "securely" good to come! ;)

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