Tuesday, May 20, 2008

summer is starting

Yes! I'm done with finals! *happy*

For tomorrow morning ("today"), I'm going to attempt to wake up early and hit up the gym. I haven't been there for a while because of finals. Time to get my Nike+ shoes on and run a couple of miles! :) I'll be going everyday this week up until Saturday because that's when I'm going home.

Then brunch with Linda @ 11AM at Cafe Durant. I'm ready for some delicious pancakes :)

After that it's going to be a baking frenzy! I'm planning to make a cake and some cupcakes. The cake is for my roommate's birthday in which takes a week from today. However, she's going back to Las Vegas on Wednesday so we need to surprise her before she leaves. :) I'm not sure how I'm going to decorate this cake this time... all the fruit I have aren't really ideal for decorating and I don't have any fresh ideas. Man, I'm drawing a blank. I'm pretty sure I'll think of something once I go to Walgreens and look around for some possible edible arts. I'm planning to give the cupcakes away to anyone who wants one. Who can resist free cupcakes? :)

Until then,