Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I've been eyeing a particular Puma sweater online for a while, and one of my best friends gave me a gift card to help me buy it for my birthday. When it came to the final stages of processing the order, it gave me options of payment with only one bubble. Credit.

The eff?! Why do you provide options, plural, when there is no choice?

Later looked up FAQ on gift card use and this is what I found:
"Can I use/buy the Card online?
No. The PUMA Gift Card cannot be purchased or redeemed online."

I hate stores that don't sell the same stuff they do online, in-store. The actual Puma store sells funky clothes. I don't need the obnoxious purple lines all over the sleeves. I don't need the zipper to be zig-zagged in odd places. I just want a normal black sweater, pop-collared and Puma logo plopped on it. Is that so hard?

Ok, I'm done being branded and materialistic. :P

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