Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dang, busy.

It amazes me how anticipating a hell week will make the previous week so busy. Mainly because I'm trying to alleviate my hell week by "studying" early or whatnot. Didn't really work. Can't say I haven't tried, though!

Weekends have been packed with dinners (I got one with Tony & Silvia. Jealous, much?), on-campus events (LUNAFEST, Vagina Monologues, etc.) and work (Pi Day: Celebrating the irrational). No work, much play...what a mistake. :P

I'll recap eventually, with pictures! Now, I need to re-enter the beginning of hell week.

Till then,
Au Revoir~

1 comment:

  1. dinner with tony and silvia? okay. that made me a little jealous haha

    hedwig and i wanna have pho with you over spring break... in san jose! =D