Sunday, February 08, 2009

My Awesome Saturday

Saturday was awesome. No school. No work. Just plenty of time "stimulating the economy" :D I got to go to Crepevine down on College Ave. near Rockridge. I really like that place! I need to somehow incorporate that into my birthday celebration haha. ;)

Cool menu!

Max and his Catfish Po Boy Sandwich

My Santa Fe Crepe

After Crepevine, we went Ici! I sampled the dulce de leche and nutmeg gingersnap and settled down for the latter. Doesn't hit the spot quite like honey lavendar ice cream, but this was pretty darn good, too!! ^^ I was happy.

Nutmeg Gingersnap!

At 2PM, I met up with Alice and Becky for our Roomie Day. We went to Whole Foods for their Chocolate event. Whole Foods had a deal, where you buy two chocolate bars and you can spin their guaranteed-win wheel. They also had a bunch of tables set up throughout the store, allowing us to sample various types of exotic chocolates to help us make our decision. We really wanted to buy a bar called Velvet chocolate, but they ran out. :( I ended up buying 2 trusty Scharffen Berger Nibby bars (w/coupon!). The aftermath of the spin...?

My bars of chocolate + awesome water bottle I won!

We dropped off Becky a little before 4PM because she had a BBQ to go to. Alice and I made our way to Emeryville and enjoyed each other's company sipping Starbucks and wholesome (haha) shopping at Bay St. We left with a little bag of Teacake Bake Shop goodies and Abercrombie jackets. Oh! And Fuddruckers to-go. We were happy campers :)

We picked up Becky and we all ate massive Fuddrucker burgers for dinner while watching Desperate Housewives. So twisted!! Anyway, to end the night, we hit up Blakes' for a round of drinks and got the munchies so I drove Alice's car to Safeway for a frozen pizza. :P


  1. Crepevine! I've been hearing about that place for three whole years but I've never been! Joe mentioned that it's exactly like Davis' Crepeville. I wonder if they're owned by the same people.