Thursday, January 22, 2009

Life is mean.

Now that the my grandmother's death has fell upon my family...there's an uncomfortable stress and eeriness in the air. Denial. Abrupt outlashes. Loud silence. I never seen my family so united on the day of, yet so broken apart. My mom phoned me. Took it out on me -- vented. And hanged up.

I've reflected a lot this week about how these sad, cruel moments are a part of life. How we react to life changing, permanent, events... with denial, tears, and acceptance. How people get older... to the point where outspoken personalities can't even cover up the aging lines. How the future looms in front of me... and the decisions of its outcome depends on the immediate steps i choose to take. How life continues, not slowing, and doesn't care where you are and how you are.

I've cried. Just did. And I hope that's the last of it. Right now it's best to move on and make the best of it.